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Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life

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Release Date: 1976
Label: ECM

Pat Metheny's and Jaco's debut albums arrived the same year, 1976. This album, featuring the trio of Metheny, Jaco and drummer Bob Moses, was not only Metheny's debut, it is also one of Jaco's earliest recordings released to date (recorded in 1975).


  1. Bright Size Life (Metheny)   4:45
  2. Sirabhorn (Metheny)   5:29
  3. Unity Village (Metheny)   3:40
  4. Missouri Uncompromised (Metheny)   4:21
  5. Midwestern Nights Dream (Metheny)   6:00
  6. Unquity Road (Metheny)   3:35
  7. Omaha Celebration (Metheny)   4:18
  8. Round Trip/Broadway Blues (Coleman)   4:58


Pat Metheny: Guitars
Jaco Pastorius: Bass
Bob Moses: Drums

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